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Animal Waste Incinerators
Medical Waste Incinerators
General Medical Waste Types
Category Type
Moisture content and calorific values
Type 0
10% Moisture, 19.7MJ/kg = up to 3-5% ash
Type 1
25% Moisture, 15.1MJ/kg = up to 5% ash
Type 2
50% Moisture, 9.97MJ/kg = up to 6% ash
Type 3
70% Moisture, 5.1MJ/kg = up to 2-4% ash
Type 4
85% Moisture, 2.1MJ/kg = up to 2-3% ash

General Hospital Waste

Soiled sheets, bedding, food, dressings (CAT 0-2)

Medical/Pathological, Clinical & Surgery

(CAT 2-4) Red Bag Waste

Marine Waste Incinerators
Pet Cremation Machines
Human Cremation Equipment
Mobile Incinerators