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Animal Carcass Waste Incinerator - Addfield TB

Suitable for incineration of: Horse, Cattle, Fish, Pigs

One of our largest low capacity incinerator on the market, extremely robust and built to last, we still have machines still in operation after some 20 years later.

This machine is ideal for the Horse and Cattle Market with its internal chamber of 2.3m³. All our machines are Defra and Dard Approved. For low capacity burn rates up to 50kg/hr.

Fuel Options - guide only
Diesel, LPG, N-Gas and Bio-Fuel
Fuel Consumption Diesel (Ltr/hr) - guide only
Electricity Supply (volts)
Time to Temperature (mins)
Approx. 20
Internal Chamber Dimensions - l x h x w (m)
2.35 x 1 x 1.13
Internal Chamber Volumes (m³)
Internal Refractory Thickness (mm)
180mm in High grade Brick or Cast Options
Load Capacity (kg)
Up to 1300
Loading Method
Top Loading (side & ends also available)
Afterburner, complies with EU legislation
CE Certified
Commissioned prior to shipment
YES & Certified
Weight (Approx. Tonnes)
Heat Recovery

* We reserve the right to change the specification, dimensions and quality of materials from time to time, so long as the alteration is minor or an improvement to the said products.