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Chicken/Poultry Incinerators

Addfield have meticulously designed there incinerator machines with agricultural use in mind. With waste disposal prices rising on a monthly basis, an Addfield Incinerator is the solutions that will not only save you money but will ensure your bio security, whilst removing your farms double handling costs.

Addfields incinerator machines are the most robust, reliable and thermally efficient around. If you are looking specifically for a poulty incinerator machine, these are the incinerators tailored for your need:

Our poultry incineration machines have been sold extensively throughout the industry locally and worldwide. Rest assured with an Addfield poultry incinerator your are investing in a 25 year old company with wealth of knowledge, manufacturing the leading incinerators on the market today.

Need something bigger?...

We also manufacture larger machines that will handle horse and cattle carcasses as well as bulk chicken carcasses.

Large Poultry and Chicken Incinerator Addfield MINI Plus
Poultry Incinerator Addfield MINI

Small Poultry and Chicken Incinerator Addfield MINI AB


Ideal for

  • Poultry Farms
  • Egg producers
  • Pig Farms
  • Sheep Farms
  • Cattle Farms
  • Any other company requiring carcass disposal

We also do..

Smaller machine such as poultry incinerator machines, please select a machine from the left side bar or contact us.


Why Addfield?

The Addfield range of incinerators have been in production in Staffordshire in the UK for more than 25 years and are 100% British built.

Our incinerators are the most robust, durable and efficient on the market place, most incinerators last 2-5 years. The very first Addfield incinerator built some 25 years ago is still in operation today and we export and commission globally.

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