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Pet Crematory Equipment

We are one of the uk’s longest established and leading manufacturers of pet cremators.

Features include separate chambers allowing individual cremations at the same time, ensuring customers get a compassionate cremation of their pets.

When investing into new pet crematoria then look no further than Addfield Environmental Systems. Our range of pet cremators have been successfully used within the pet crematorium industry for almost 25 years. Customers come to quickly appreciate the robust nature and reliability of the Addfield Cremators that are built to suit the every day demands of the modern pet crematorium. The efficiency of the Addfield Cremators ensures that the end user is guaranteed a fast and efficient cremation every time and the end customer a dignified compassionate end for their beloved pets

The Addfield Range of incinerators all have DEFRA approval and comply with the EU Animal By-Products Regulation (EC) No 142/2011.

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Pet Crematorium Equipment and Machines

Pet Cremators and Pet Incineration Machines

Machine Options:


Hot Hearth Designs

Hot hearth systems are also available for the specialist pet crematoriums; these systems are particularly suited to the fast turn round of the modern day crematorium. With specialist high density refractory hearth systems you are guaranteed long refractory lifetimes with our systems.

Cremators hot hearth inside Cremation Machine

Multi Chamber Cremator Machine Options

Our range of multi chamber crematory machines offer the user an option to cremate individual pets quick and efficiently guaranteeing no cross contamination between chambers. Their robust design gives a realistic payback on investment, British built and built to last. Multi chamber Cremators can range from 2 – 10 individual chambers that are all independently control heated. Their high integrity refractory lining ensures minimal heat loss and high heat retention maximising fuel efficiency for the user.

  • Multi chamber cremators available
  • Guaranteed no cross contamination
  • Efficient fuel usage
  • Fast turn around
  • Robust Refractory brick or optional cast designs.
  • 10mm robust steel casing
  • User friendly PLC automatic controls
  • Pulse fired burner system
Multi Chamber Cremator Incinerator from Addfield Multi Chamber Pet Incinerator, Pet Cremator from Addfield Pet Cremator Incinerator Waste Burner Points

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