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The Incinerator Manufacturer: Addfield


Addfield are proud to say they are the leading manufacturer of incinerator and crematory equipment and here is why:

  • Robust, Reliable and Efficient Incinerators.
  • 25 years experience in the incineration industry.
  • Our machines utilise a robust two pack paint system, designed to withstand the harshest of environments.
  • A pre-cast block impact abrasion zone lines the top of the refractory, protecting the machine from mechanical loading.
  • Our machines use a brick lined refractory, which less prone to cracking (due to natural expansion in the joints), more thermally efficient and is easier to maintain.
  • Plug and play fully automatic control system in accordance with BS7671-17 - IP65 rated.
  • Data logging options.
  • Curved hot hearth technology fitted on the MP range.
  • Fully DEFRA, DARD, UK and EU compliant.
  • All of our customers are provided with a dedicated service engineer.
  • We can accommodate bespoke incinerator machines
  • Trusted British manufactured quality

The Efficiency Advantage: FACT: You can save up to 40% on fuel using an Addfield machine compared to a competitor machine. (Tests carried out independently by customers). And this is why...

  • Pulse fired burners turn off when the machine is up to temperature and prevent fuel wastage.
  • Three layers of refractory lining plus a robust 10mm thick casing.
  • 180mm/220mm of refractory lining, make our machines one the most thermally efficient in the market. (You won't find any caution hot stickers - heat stays inside our machines).
  • Fully automatic incineration process.
  • Lightweight resilient refractory fibre insulation door, provides a tight seal and gives excellent thermal efficiency.
  • All of our machines are Computational Fluid Dynamically Modelled, which makes sure we make the best use of the heat generated, ensuring 100% destruction of waste, designing out of hot and cold spots and stress testing the machine.


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