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Incinerator Legislation, Licenses and Permits for incineration and cremation machines in the United Kingdom


In the UK an incinerator must:
  • Comply with EU Animal By-Products Regulation (EC) No. 142/2011
  • The Waste Incineration Directive (WID)  (EC) No. 76/2000
  • Typically burn at less than 50kg per hour and classed as low capacity incinerators
  • CE Certified (Low Voltage Directive (2006/42/EC))
  • Defra Type Approved

Incinerator Legislation

Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd complete range if incinerators and cremators complies with all EU regulation including the EU Animal By-Products regulations (EC) No 142/2011. Our machines are UK DEFRA Type-approved and we are always pushing the boundaries of innovative, whilst staying well within regulatory requirements and ahead of the competition. Our incinerators are one of the most efficient on the market today.

The following information should be treated as a guide in helping you to know what is required when purchasing an Addfield Incinerator, individual cases may vary. If in doubt contact one of our team for further information.

Residual Times

EU law stipulates for an incinerator to be deemed compliant, it must heats all the fumes to 850°C , and hold them at this temperature for a minimum of two 2 seconds. This after burning of fumes is seen as a sufficient length of time to effectively burn-off any smoke and ensuring a clean burn processor. Addfields machines not only comply to this regulation they exceed it. With the use of having a 'secondary after-chamber’ this is a chamber is used purely to burn off these fumes before being released into the atmosphere.

Our machines are also 'Type Approved' by DEFRA, so when buying an Addfield machine, rest assured of a no hassle buying experience as our incinerators are well know in the industry.

Application for a license is done via filling out one form on the DEFRA website here. On purchasing an Addfield incinerator, DEFRA will follow this up with a site visit to check that it is a Addfield machine. DEFRA approval is then granted and then you will be able to use your machine.  In addition to ensure that EU regulations are upheld, DEFRA require the after-chamber temperature to be recorded every tenth burn (to ensure it is complying with reaching the 850C).  Addfield have real-time temperature monitoring systems built into there machines, so taking note is made simple.

Waste Ash Disposal

Ash from a carcass burn will approximately amount to just 3% of its original size. Ash disposal is currently divided into two categories. 

  • The first is 'Specific Risk Materials' (SRM) is derived from cattle, sheep and goats. This by-product is to be disposed of to an appropriately authorised landfill, and should be disposed of every time a maximum of a tonne is generated.
  • Most other ashes, can be disposed of normally (Scattering on land is ideal as they make a great fertiliser) but please contact us if you would like more information.

Incinerator Planning Permission

Our standard range of animal incinerators, have been designed to burn less than 50kgs per hour and as such planning permission won't be required as they are classed a low capacity incinerators.

In the UK planning permission is only required for animal incinerators and/or sites burning more than 50kg per hour. In such situations a high capacity licence would need to be obtained.

In addition planning permission maybe required when the incinerator will be used to incinerate animals not belonging to the incinerator owner or when burning waste from multiple sites.

All information should be used as a guide only, specifications are subject to change without notice