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Large High Capacity Mobile Waste Incinerator Addfield TBAB-MAX

A high capacity incinerator capable of a burn rate of 250kg-500kg* per hour.

Our largest incinerator on the market, extremely solid, robust and built to last. This incinerator is ideal (but not limited to) the horse and cattle market with its internal chamber of 7.5m3, it is possible to fit up to 6 carcasses inside the machine. Other applications include general waste incineration and medical waste incineration.

The design conforms to the new UK ABP 2005 and EU animal by product/s legislation ABPR 1069/2009. The system is designed for continuous or intermediary use, with burn rates up to 250-500kg per hour dependant on the waste streams available to be incinerated, the mode of operation i.e. continuous or intermediary and local/ EU laws to be adhered to. Our unique solid hot hearth system will incorporate seven separate burners and excess air control to increase or decrease the speeds of combustion. The unit includes a fully integrated afterburner chamber that retains all of gases inside for a minimum of 2 seconds at 850ºC prior to being released into the atmosphere.

Loaded via the top, through the hinged door arrangement, this system far superior compared to roller based doors as it is a more robust design and far easier to maintain with less moving parts that can fail in extreme conditions. The door seal is compressed resilient refractory fibre along the top of the machine that will keep the seal tight and aids a cleaner combustion process. The door is lifted via an adjustable counter balanced electrical winch that has manual override in case of power failure. The ash doors will feature a manual locking system that prevents the doors being opened unless the combustion chamber has been pushed into reduced cycle position ready for waste charging. The ash removal doors have a swing hinge system, that accommodates a straight forward clamping arrangement on the door. Included is an electrical locking mechanism preinstalled into the PLC controller that will turn all burner fuels off prior to the chamber being de-ashed ready for the next load. 


TB-AB-MAX MOBILE Incinerator:

The TB-AB Max incinerator can be manufactured and installed upon a 20MT double axle agricultural trailer bed. The unit can be made available for rapid deployment to the infected work areas/ sites. As an optional extra a commercial trailer can be used should you need to transport the unit along motorways etc.

TB-AB-MAX in the UK:

This is a high capacity incineration machine, a 'Part A(2) Licence' would be required. Part A(2) licenses are required for incinerators that burn 50kg to 3000kg of non hazardous waste per hour and up to 8000kg of hazardous waste per day. This type of licence is harder to obtain when compared to a low capacity (<50kg per hour) machine permit. In the majority of cases in UK, customers would be better off with a low capacity machine such as the TB-AB found here.

*Dependant on waste stream.

We reserve the right to change the specification, dimensions and quality of materials from time to time, so long as the alteration is minor or an improvement to the said products.

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