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Ebola Incinerators - The Fight Against Ebola

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MSF - Ebola Incineration

The GM Series is being specifically used in the fight against Ebola. The machines have been deployed into some of the most demanding environments whereby the reliability and thorough destruction of waste is fundamentally key. The machines success has been attributed to their robust 10mm steel construction, reliable brick lined refractories, plug and play electronics and CFD modelling of machines ensuring 100% destruction of Ebola.

It is in times of crisis, such as the Ebola epidemic, that the necessity of incinerators becomes so clear. Whenever possible, many disposable items such as protective personal equipment are incinerated to ensure the elimination of the virus and minimising waste. Addfield are working with various agencies to deal with the current pandemic. Everything is manufactured on site at Addfield and we Addfield have full control over the manufacturing process. This allows us to rapidly respond to urgent requests and ramp up production times. We will endeavour to cater for all your requirements.

There is currently no licensed treatment or vaccines to treat this therefore it is spreading quickly and action needs to be up to speed. Here at Addfield, we will provide nothing less than our renowned bespoke quality which is why it is so important that clients contact us as soon as possible. With your support we can minimise the devastating impact that this is having on countless lives.