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Cremation Specialists

Addfield Cremators are built to last and give you the user value for money

Our best selling machine of the range, top loading design for its ease of loading and cleaning, ideal for Sheep, Pigs, Fish, Butchers and Pet Crematoriums.

Why Addfield?

When investing into new pet crematoria then look no further than Addfield Environmental Systems. Our range of pet cremators have been successfully used within the pet crematorium industry for almost 25 years. Customers come to quickly appreciate the robust nature and reliability of the Addfield Cremators that are built to suit the every day demands of the modern pet crematorium. The efficiency of the Addfield Cremators ensures that the end user is guaranteed a fast and efficient cremation every time and the end customer a dignified compassionate end for their beloved pets.

Incineration Manufacturers and Specialists

Addfield Benefits

The Addfield Cremators are built to last and give you the user value for money.

  • We give you a 12 month unlimited use warranty
  • 10mm robust steel casing as standard
  • 2 pack anti weathering paint system
  • AES Vertigo 3 zone controller or optional Fully automatic PLC computer operation
  • External weather guards ”where required”
  • 180mm high grade refractory lining
  • Pulse fired burner system
  • Light weight insulation lid
  • British built
  • World wide support
  • We export and service globally


The varied range of pet cremators that we manufacture covers the complete spectrum required within the pet cremation industry. From individual chambers to multi chambers to mass cremation, the Addfield range of cremators can be tailor made to suit your individual operation. We offer solid hearth and hot hearth designs to suit specific customers operations.

The refractory structures within our cremators are what we class the “business end of the job”. When selecting refractories for these applications we take into account the thermal cycling, high temperature abrasion, maximum temperature rating and porosity of the refractories as these are key elements that dictate a long term refractory life.

Our engineers have over 40 years experience within this discipline alone guaranteeing you a product that is fit for purpose and able to give you a pay back on your investment many times over.

Multi chamber machine options

Our range of multi chamber machines offer the user an option to cremate individual pets quick and efficiently guaranteeing no cross contamination between chambers. Their robust design gives a realistic payback on investment, British built and built to last. Multi chamber cremators can range from 1 – 10 individual chambers that are all independently control heated. Their high integrity refractory lining ensures minimal heat loss and high heat retention maximizing fuel efficiency for the user.