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Camel Incineration and Cremation Machine

Addfields machines have been specifically designed for the size of a camel carcass. 

The Addfield cremator is the latest addition to our range. The machine ensures an easy, safe loading of the whole animal, directly into the chamber. The machine comprises of four primary chambers burner and two secondary after chambers burners. The secondary after chamber has a compliant 850°C minimum temperature with a two second retention time.

This cremator is perfect for large animals such as horses and camels, and with the recent outbreak of the MERS virus in Saudi Arabia, it is a clean and efficient solution to stop the spread of the disease.

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Camel Incinerator and Cremator Units



Suitable For

  • Bactrian Camels
  • Hybrid Camels
  • F2 Hybrid Camels
  • Snow-white Dromedaries
  • Black Camels
  • And more...




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