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Animal Waste Incinerators

Are you Bio-Secure?

Our range of agricultural incinerators are ideal for all types or animal waste. The Addfield range of incinerators are the most robust and efficient Defra approved machines on the market.

Ask us why our designs are proven to save you money.

The Addfield Range of incinerators all have DEFRA approval and comply with the EU Animal By-Products Regulation (EC) No 1069/2009.

Animal Waste Incinerators

On site incineration ideal for

  • Poultry Farms
  • Pig Farms
  • Sheep Farms
  • Test Centres
  • Zoos
  • Game Farms
  • Pet Cremation Companies
  • Any other company requiring carcass disposal

Other Features

  • We give you a 12 month unlimited use warranty
  • 10mm robust steel casing as standard
  • 2 pack anti weathering paint system
  • AES Vertigo 3 zone controller or optional Fully automatic PLC computer operation
  • External weather guards ”where required”
  • 180mm high grade refractory lining
  • Pulse fired burner system
  • Light weight insulation lid
  • British built
  • World wide support
  • We export and service globally
Our most popular Animal Waste Incinerators
Animal Incinerators Addield Mini AB
Game Farms, Chickens, Sheep
Chicken and Poultry Incineration Addield Mini
Sheep, Pigs, Butchers
Pig and Sheep Incinerators Addield SB
Sheep, Pigs, Butchers
Animal Incineration Machine Addield TB
Horse, Cattle
Large Equine Incinerator Addfield TB AB Incineration Machine
Horse, Cattle
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