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Over many years we have had positive responses from clients referring to our range of machines and service offering, both in the UK and more recently worldwide.

Below are few of those. If you would like to know more about how addfield can offer you the benefits our clients have gained in both incineration and cremation please feel free to ask.

What our customers say


Addfield have delivered in every area and I would confidently recommend the Mini AB Pet Cremator to anyone in this market.


Carl Bolton

Treasured Friends Pet Crematorium


We have calculated that we are now saving 40% in fuel due to its low cost firing system.



Horse Crematorium


The first thing I noticed with was the quality of the engineering



Cotton Bank Farm


Addfield is a company that supplies products that are built to last, this is something that has not changed over the years, which is why I invested in the newer Addfield machines which still comply with past traditions, British built, solid structure, easy to use and cost efficient.

The new linings retain the heat very well which is saving me a lot of fuel and money. I have always found the service at Addfield to be of a high standard, over all a great product at the right price. I would happily recommend the Addfield range of incinerators.


Malcolm Nattras


An Addfield customer for over 18 years