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Our Range

Our machines are the most robust and efficient on the market. Don't just take our word for; it ask our satisfied customers that have been coming back for almost 20 years!

There are no gimmicks! Just equipment that is "simply built better and built to last".

We pride ourselves on the finished quality construction of our machines, for over 25 years we have been listening to our customers and recognizing their needs then acting accordingly. You and our customers want a machine to last, be cheap to run and user friendly. At Addfield we tick all the boxes.

This includes:

  • 10mm thick steel
  • Two pack paint system baked on at 70°C, ensuring the paint work is ideal for outdoor use un like powder coated designs two pack is designed to last.
  • We keep the heat where it belongs! Working for you inside the machine. We give you three layers of refractory consisting of a full thickness of 180mm our competitors mostly give you two layers at a full thickness of 100mm, with nice big stickers on the machine saying CAUTION HOT! You will not find these stickers on any Addfield machine.
  • Abrasion/ impact resistant loading periphery - Robust pre-cast periphery blocks to absorb everyday loading of the machine without affecting the lining. Simple and low cost to replace, simply unbolt the block and replace.
  • Refractory brick lined units - eliminating any on site drying out or curing of the material, natural expansion between joints, easy on site repairs with limited down time. Cast options are available but speak to us today on the benefits of brick over cast.
  • Data logging options available.
  • Counterweight lids - Don't have a dilemma of a electric or hydraulic malfunction, why over complicate an easy to use design. Our counterweight bearing systems outlast any electric motor winch system by four times.
  • Plug and play controls - if your controller fails you simply unplug the controller and plug in a new one, no on site electrical wiring.


If you are looking for a unit that is designed to last and give you realistic payback on your investment then look no further, you have found it at Addfield.

Ask us why Addfield are the market leaders for incinerator & Cremator manufacturing.