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Techtrol joins Addfield

Dear Valued Customer,

Subject: Expansion News

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that on December 2nd, 2015 Addfield Environmental Systems Limited purchased the Intellectual Property rights of Techtrol Incineration Limited (www.techtrol.co.uk). This meaning that Addfield now own and control the complete range of Techtrol “Pyrotec” branded incinerator/ cremator designs, websites/ marketing data along with all other general goodwill and IP of the business.

Of all of our competitors, Techtrol has been probably the only Company that have the same build principals as Addfield, dedicated to excellence in manufacturing quality robust machines. Techtrol has been manufacturing incineration & cremation equipment since 1986, the expertise and knowledge they have gained is extensive and spans all markets. Like Addfield, Techtrol has developed equipment to suit specific applications and is fit for purpose giving long-term reliability and value for money.

We see this as a very important and positive move for the future expansion plans of Addfield, as this will not only allow us to offer new technology and alternative systems to our customers but also expand our ever growing customer and agent database. We will over the coming weeks be closely reviewing the Techtrol designs with a view to adding them to the Addfield range of machines and maybe even replacing some of our own designs with Techtrol’s “Pyrotec” range. This is important to ensure that the Company stays in touch with its market by offering the most comprehensive and fit for purpose equipment on the marketplace.

Mr Martyn Wharmby the previous Managing Director of Techtrol has been retained as an ongoing technical consultant to Addfield. This will help enhance our technical expertise and know-how within our industry enforcing our reputation as “The Leading Supplier” of incineration & cremation equipment.

We are also currently busy building our new website www.addfield.com, we anticipate this website being complete around the end of January 2016. The new website will incorporate the new combined range of equipment and services that we will be offering from the beginning of 2016.

Should you require any further information on the above or any other matter then please do not hesitate to contact me.

We would like to thank you for the support and business that you have given Addfield this last year, with this we would like to wish all of our customers, suppliers and friends a very happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous new year

For and on Behalf of:
Addfield Environmental Systems Limited

Steven A. Lloyd – Managing Director
e: stevel@addfield.co.uk


Why choose pet cremation?

Unscrupulous pet crematories are always well highlighted in the news but it is important to remember that they are few and far between. There are ways of ensuring that the company you have chosen will care for your pet as much as you do. One way is to ensure that they are a member of APPCC (association of pet cemeteries and crematoria) as they ensure that strict guidelines are followed, or even go through the procedures yourself with your chosen crematorium. Arrange a scheduled time for the cremation, ask to see inside the machine to ensure that it is clean and plan to stand somewhere where you can feel part of the process without having to actually see it.

We make arrangements for our own funerals so it is important that we do the same for our beloved pets. Cremation is a cheaper option than burial (medium dogs are usually around £150-£200) however it is important to note that price is dependent on the size of the animal and how far the company travels to collect it. If a company is particularly cheap then the reason for this should be questioned. Leaving your vet to organise the cremation of your pet may be a more convenient and less upsetting option for you to choose plus it usually only takes two weeks for the process to be complete. If you choose this option then it is vital that you let them know if you want an individual cremation so that they can be coded as white (individual) or green (communal). A label is allocated to your pet throughout the whole system and each stage is recorded in a diary to ensure peace of mind.

Considering that human cremation implies one body at a time, this is also to be expected for your pets. Being aware of the differences between cremation types is vital. The following list shows what the standard options usually are:

  • Individual cremation – the only way to guarantee that the ashes are not contaminated – all belongings should be returned to the owner
  • Communal cremation – several pets  are cremated together and buried or scattered in a licensed garden
  • Mass cremation – mass incineration at a waste disposal site

The advantage of choosing cremation is being able to bring your pet home to rest. They can be kept indoors in a decorative container or scattered in their favourite place.









Addfield are APPCC approved suppliers which means that anyone buying our machines are assured that they are fully equipped with the highest quality machinery and additions. We pride ourselves for having a premium quality and service status that has been developed throughout over 25 years of experience and employed industry experts. Our customers have the choice of a:

  • single chamber PetCrem 200 or the double chamber SB-AB for pet cremation
  • large TB or larger TB-AB for horse cremation
  • de-ashing tools such as an ash rake and box
  • Cremulator to pulverize the bones into ash (we’re the only manufacturers in the UK making Cremulators!)

Contact us on 01543 471280 or sales@adfield.co.uk for a stress free quotation.

Simply built better.

Why should we continue to use incineration for medical waste?

Contrary to popular belief, only about 10% of all general medical waste is incinerated. Incineration is the only approved disposal method for yellow bag waste under UN law. This includes all infectious waste, such as chemically contaminated samples, infectious waste contaminated with medicines or chemicals and laboratory specimens. This is because it is the safest and most effective way of reducing the infectivity of the waste to prevent any further harm. Alternative disposal methods are incapable of fully destroying contaminated waste from pharmaceuticals and specific pathological waste.

The regulation of incinerating medical waste is becoming very strict, with clear guidelines set out for those involved in the process. Anyone handling this waste must be registered and final air emission standards are closely monitored.

The need for incineration is due to the advanced medical system and it is a rapidly expanding disposal method in developing countries. The Stockholm convention dictates that it is obligatory for countries to use the best waste disposal method available to them whilst promoting the best available methods to others.

It is often found that incinerators in developing countries are not to the same standard as those in developed countries which results in high emissions and contaminated waste water. Addfield are one of the few manufacturers that can confidentially say our high standard is continued throughout our product lines to ensure that ALL customers receive the very best incinerators on the market.









Addfield have recently had an order for 6 MP-100s and 3 MP-200s with scrubber systems that are going to a developing country to help control their general medical waste. The very poor waste management systems in these countries mean that people are directly having contact with the infectious waste through rag picking, animals are eating from these sites which affect their by-products and the emissions from the waste cause everyone in the surrounding areas to breath in harmful fumes. More information about this can be found here: http://www.dawn.com/news/42774/islamabad-improper-disposal-of-hospital-waste-lead-to-fatal-diseases-expert  A clean living environment with access to acceptable food and healthcare should be a basic human right, so we at Addfield are insuring we can be part of this process where possible.

Addfield Assists with Pet Cremation Companies

Setting up a pet cremation business can be daunting – not only do you have to think about the equipment and possible sites, local competition and appropriate facilities, but it takes a compassionate, thoughtful and hard working person to meet the needs of their customers in an empathetic and understanding way.

Addfield have been working with clients in the pet cremation industry for over 25 years, and we are proud to say that we do not simply supply our customers with an incinerator and congratulate ourselves on another sale; we assist the customer in their journey to become an up and running success.












Our frequently asked questions page holds a wealth of information regarding advice on which cremator is best to use, UK applications and permits links, how to search for relevant competition and think about your business model, and much more.

We can assist in filling out relevant paperwork, advise on good sites and locations to set yourselves up, we commission the cremator and train all personnel who will be using it within your business, so the cremation process will be a smooth one for your customers.

Our cremators can be designed specifically to meet your needs, with front loading doors for individual cremations, top loading doors for mass cremations, and we also provide extra instruments such as our cremulator and de-ashing tools.

So if you are looking to set up your own pet cremation business, please contact us today.

Increasing waste disposal costs

Are your waste disposal costs rising?… take back control of your increasing waste costs.

Waste disposal can be expensive and there has been a dramatic rise in costs which has left people feeling disappointed.

Recently, Addfield have seen an increase in calls from companies who have been keen to save money. This resulted in an increase in sales.









It’s a fact that on site disposal will reduce waste disposal costs, cut down handling times and increase bio security. For example, 7 tonnes to landfill can cost anywhere between £770 – £910 per week (£47,320 per year), where as the cost of incinerating waste can be as low as £385 per week (£20,020 per year).

Addfield is one of the longest established and leading manufacturers of cremators and incinerators. With 25 years of experience we build quality British machines for our UK and global customers.

Can Addfield help save you money?


Addfield. Simply built better.

Do you want to distribute a market leading product?

Addfield are looking for experienced, committed distributors to offer our systems to the global market.

Have you got what it takes to be an Addfield Distributor?

In return we will provide you with a distribution pack, full comprehensive training here at our UK Head office in the heart of England.

One of the team from our Dubai distributors Lillidale (http://www.lillidale.co.uk/uae.html) visited the UK for a weeks long training.

Lillidale Distributor








During this time he learnt he was shown the ropes on refractory installation, combustion, assembly and commissioning, saving a little time to see what England has to offer. He was so happy with experience here that he messaged us to say he “had a very good experience”, “will always cherish and remember these moments” and “thank you for the great help!”

To apply simply email our Business Development Manager jamesg@addfield.co.uk or our General Manager derekc@addfield.co.uk with a summary of your company, the expected market potential in your area, a brief background about yourself and your future ambitions.

Successful applicants will have a starter pack providing all the information needed to successfully sell our machines as well as a designated incineration expert to provide support any time you need it.

Waste to Energy System

Addfield are proud to announce that we have recently collaborated with an energy recovery company and one of the UK’s largest landscaping and recycling companies to create market leading waste-to-energy technology. Not everything can be recycled so instead of being sent to a landfill it is incinerated and used to create electricity and hot water.

This creates a number of benefits such as:

  •         Revenue generated from selling energy back to the grid
  •         Reduction in waste disposal gate fees
  •         Offsets the government climate change levy
  •         Government incentives – ROC’s and RHI


The payback for a yearly waste disposal of 350 tonne can be between 2-3 years; this is a fantastic payback as many Addfield incinerators are still in operation over 20 years.

Waste to Energy Incinerator








Many areas of the world have issue in managing waste, stabilising electrical energy, with using our waste to energy system you could potentially power a small village.

The energy recovery system has a record of 85% efficient exhaust gas recirculation technology. This assures optimum efficiency, prevents ash build up and only takes 5 litres of fuel to operate a two stage burn. A ‘blasting’ cycle of super heated steam also limits any corrosion.

Addfield have previously used our TBAB with this system because it is the largest low capacity machine on the market with a chamber size of 4.18m3. This includes the Addfield standard Computational Fluid System (to ensure complete combustion) along with excess air and rapid cooling systems (aiding a cleaner burn and a quicker cool down).

If you would like any further information about this new technology then please call one of our friendly experts on +44 (0)1543 571280.

Addfield. Simply built better.

Cremated Remains Processor

The Addfield Cremulator is a state of the art cremated remains processor.

Its pulverisation system is quiet, dust free and has an automatic timed shutdown for once the process is complete. The process takes place in the stainless steel drum that has a dust tight seal around the drum lid to prevent any leakage and a robust thick steel blade that means the process only takes a matter of minutes. The result of this effortless yet unbeatable effective process is fine ash which is then simply tipped into the waiting receptacle via the pivoting arm.

Cremulator Picture








The Cremulator processes the remains of cremated animals into a more visually appealing format for end customers who wish to have their dearly loved pet returned to them.

An advanced safety feature includes an automatic stop feature should the lid be removed during any part of the process – ensuring that only the intended bones are crushed!

The Addfield Cremulator is built to the same robust, reliable and efficient standard of all our machines, that’s why an unlimited usage warranty of 12 months is automatically applied as soon as the machine is delivered.


5. The final chapter of Addfield’s Incinerators and Cremators story

We have come to the end of why Addfield really is the best on the market and what makes us stand out. Hopefully you can now see what the adjustments we make provide our customers with the most robust incinerators on the market.

Addfield incinerators and cremators are fitted with a “plug and play” control which can simply be detached and swapped if they ever stop working. This saves our customers the unnecessary fees of having an engineer go to site as they are simple enough for the owners to change.

Plug and Play System










Computational Fluid Systems visually render gas flows and are improved by the large after chamber size that our machines have. If you compare these to our competitors, you can see why Addfield Incinerators are one of the very few manufacturers that can guarantee to be virtually smokeless.

All Addfield incinerators and cremators require minimum maintenance due to their ECOFLAM technology so the only costs that our customers have to endure are the annual services recommended, and often required, by law.

With over 25 years experience and many of these spent distributing abroad; Addfield has the experience needed to be best on the market. Call us to ask any of the questions you have because the chances are, we have already answered them before.

Don’t just take our word for it though, current customers couldn’t be happier with the product and service we provide and organisations are not worried about discrediting their name by certifying us which is why we have ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE, EU WID, APPCC, DEFRA and DARD certification.

So there you have it. Addfield Incinerators cannot be beaten because we have worked hard to make sure ALL parts of our machines are of the highest standard.

Robust. Reliable. Efficient. Addfield Incinerators are Simply Built Better.

4. Incinerator Lid and Door Systems

Even our doors and lids are built differently here at Addfield. Most competitors build their incineration machines to a price point which means they use a concrete lined lid. However, concrete on concrete doesn’t seal effectively which causes the incinerators to be less effective.

Addfield use a compressible low thermal mass ceramic lining around the lids and doors which create a very tight window frame seal; allowing it to retain heat extremely well. This is achieved by preventing any influx of exterior air that could affect the burning process.

Lids and Doors








Addfield also use progressive lid clamps that are positioned on the front of the machine that not only ensures a seal on the day of delivery, but for years to come due to their adjustability.